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Wax is a cannabis concentrate with a wax-like consistency.

Cannabis wax is a potent cannabis concentrate that gets its name from its appearance. It is opaque and malleable and usually has a yellow, orange, or amber color. It can be gooey or creamy (budder) or hard and flaky (honeycomb). Wax is agitated during extraction, which is why the oil crystallizes and solidifies.

Wax has high cannabinoid concentration and THC content, making it one of the most popular cannabis concentrates. Consumers use a dab rig to smoke cannabis wax, but vaping and smoking are also popular methods. Another method is the twax joint, which is a joint rolled with wax-coated buds or wraps.

Wax is a versatile concentrate that can be used in various ways. Its key differences from other concentrates are texture and viscosity. It is possible to DIY cannabis wax at home, but the process is hazardous.





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