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thc-infused sugar

How to Make THC Sugar

Sugar has long been a kitchen staple and is commonly used as a sweetener in a broad range of foods. So why not get a little more out of

cannabis breath mints

How to Make THC Mints

These delightful THC breath mints, made with the help of a LĒVO home infusion machine, are the chill pill you didn’t know you needed.  LĒVO Home Infusion Machines  If

cannabis coffee in a cup

How to Make Cannabis Coffee

Coffee is a reliable and favorite pick-me-up for millions of Americans. Both coffee and cannabis have stimulant properties that make a potent combination. If you are a cannabis enthusiast


How to Make Canna Bread

Bread-making is a favorite baking pastime that became even more popular during the pandemic. Infusing ingredients with your LĒVO for your homemade bread recipe is an easy adaptation for added

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