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Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

The Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a cannabis plant-derived oil created by Canadian engineer and cannabis advocate Rick Simpson.

RSO is considered one of the most highly-acclaimed cannabis innovations. It contains all the cannabis plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds, which means it does not strip away any of its beneficial properties. It can come in concentrate, edible, or topical forms, making it a versatile product.

RSO is unpalatable because it uses much plant matter and is almost black. Rick Simpson initially created the oil to treat his skin cancer. People use RSO for various reasons, including treatment for multiple sclerosis, insomnia, inflammation reduction, and epilepsy. It has become a medicinal product for chronic health conditions and a vital ingredient in treatment plans.

Many past reports attest to the efficacy of RSO, such as decreasing a 14-year-old terminal patient’s leukemic blast cell count. RSO has a high concentration of THC, but it is still impossible to cause an overdose or other serious side effects in using it.


  • No products in the cart.