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Rosin is a cannabis extract made by pressing and compressing a cannabis plant to squeeze out hot oil.

Rosin is a solventless cannabis concentrate initially used for violin bows. Creating rosin does not need purification or dilution of the oil, which is why many people DIY their rosin at home. Considered a dab, consumers often use rosin in dab ribs, however, it can also be vaped.

Various cannabis plant types can be used to create rosin, including hash, trim, kief, and nugs or flower. Each plant type produces unique rosin. Rosin is popular because it is solventless and has more flavor than other cannabis concentrates. It might be less potent than other dab types, but it tastes cleaner.

High-quality rosin is golden to dark yellow and hot and drippy when freshly pressed. It is soft and creamy when it cools, and consumers can use it to refine or purify low-grade cannabis.


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