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Cannabis trim is the leaves and smaller buds trimmed off the plant after harvest.

Cannabis plants are trimmed after a harvest to reduce moisture, remove excess materials, and shape buds. Some bud bits, trichomes, and sugar leaves fall off during trimming and are collected as trims.

While some growers dispose of trim, most use them to make other cannabis products. Cannabis trim includes cut-off buds, trichomes, kief, and sugar leaves.

While trim is not as potent as the primary buds, they still contain a fair amount of trichomes, which hold cannabinoids and terpenes. Trim can also be composted or used to enhance food and beverages.

Those who want to make the most of cannabis trims can mix them with regular weed or use them for other cannabis-based products, including edibles. Trim can also be packed into dry herb vaporizers for a microdose of THC.





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