budThe term “bud” refers to the marijuana flower before harvest and the cured, dried, and consumable portions of the said flower after harvest. A bud contains the highest concentration of trichomes from the female cannabis plant. The cannabis buds consist of parts such as the pistil, stigma, bract, calyx, and trichomes. The quality of these buds heavily relies on the trichomes’ color, aroma, and density.

These buds are dried and cured before they can be consumed through vaporizing or smoking. Marijuana buds can also be processed to become concentrates. The extraction method involves the removal of trichomes from the buds. Aside from these, buds can also be utilized for infusions such as cannabis oil, cannabutter, tinctures, or even edibles. Before buds can be transformed into these forms, they are decarboxylated for the activation of cannabinoids.