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A tincture is a solution of medicinal substances in an alcohol or water base. Cannabis tinctures also called golden or green dragon tinctures, are usually taken orally.

Cannabis tinctures contain cannabinoids, and consumers can mix them in food or drinks. Compared to edibles, tinctures have fewer calories. Apart from using cannabis plants, some users also use herbs such as dandelions in their tinctures. Packaged in small glass bottles with droppers, tinctures are a convenient, smokeless, and discreet way to consume cannabis.

Tincture drops allow full effects to kick in quicker. The body easily absorbs the medication as it reaches the bloodstream faster through the blood vessels under the tongue. Most tinctures also have marked droppers to make it easier to find the correct dose.

The use of cannabis tinctures was first recorded in Western medicine in 1843. It is possible to create tinctures at home, but it will take weeks to complete the process.




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