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cannabutterCannabutter, as its name suggests, is cannabis-infused butter. It is popularly known as the main ingredient in cannabis edibles, such as brownies and cookies. Cannabutter can be made at home through various methods, including a home-infusion device like a LĒVO machine. The effects of cannabutter depend on its composition and portions when made. It may consist only of cannabidiol (CBD) or both CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Those who do not want to experience psychoactive effects or highs may use THC-free cannabis. The fresh or dried marijuana plant undergoes decarboxylation or heating of cannabis to activate THC and CBD. While THC and CBD are insoluble in water, mixing them with butter soaks up these components to create the desired effects for the user. Cannabutter is a decarboxylated cannabinoid. Aside from brownies and cookies, many use cannabutter to make other cannabis-infused treats, similar to the usage of regular butter to bake goodies and cook various recipes. 

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