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Resin is an organic compound that plants secrete, or otherwise known as a concentrate made from the cannabis plant (live resin)

Resin is a thick, sticky substance that the cannabis plant produces. The resin holds the trichomes, the tiny, clear hairs on the cannabis plant. Resin contains high levels of THC and other cannabinoids, making it psychoactive.

The primary biological purpose of resin is to ward off pests. It also protects plants from ultraviolet (UV) rays overexposure. Apart from these purposes, the resin contains all the cannabis plant’s desirable compounds, which is why people collect it. Collecting resin from a cannabis plant separates these compounds from the plant matter, purifying the plant’s potency.

Resin also darkens when pressed into hash because it protects its cannabinoids from oxygen. The dark, opaque color protects the active compounds from UV light, which degrades cannabis.

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