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Purity in cannabis culture is about the complete makeup of the cannabis plant or product.

Like any substance or product, purity in the cannabis industry means being free from contaminants. Testing the purity means ensuring that contaminants are below a detectable level. The goal is to thoroughly know the present compounds in the cannabis plant or product, including the THC, CBD, and other molecules. Users and consumers must also understand what these compounds do and how they work together.

Cannabis purity also measures the presence of other chemicals in the plant that may have been introduced during the growth, harvest, processing, and packaging processes. These contaminants include pesticides and fertilizers, mold, heavy metals, and mildew. These chemicals can be harmful to human health, so they must not be present in cannabis products.

Testing a cannabis plant or product’s purity is mainly for safety and efficacy. The purity assures the consumer’s safety and the product’s quality.

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