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Skunk is a slang term for any potent cannabis strain. It could also refer to any cannabis variety with a strong aroma or a Skunk cannabis family member.

When discussing the term “skunk” in the cannabis industry, it is necessary to highlight Skunk #1, the oldest and most popular strain of cannabis. The “Skunk family” comprises various descendants of Skunk #1.

The skunk is reported to have been originally bred in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California, in 1969 and sold in the US in 1980. There are also reports that some examples reached Europe in the late 1970s. The term “skunk” is believed to derive from the plant’s strong and distinct odor, similar to the mammal skunk. The pungent scent is one of the defining characteristics, especially in some hybrids such as the Shiva Skunk.

The skunk is one of the most consistent and reliable cannabis strains. Unfortunately, the media often uses skunk to refer to street weed.



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