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how to make cannamilk

How to Make Cannamilk

Just about any food or drink can be infused with cannabinoids and THC, and beverages like cannamilk transform this everyday food staple into a decadent and flavorful ingredient. If

cbd infused lemonade

CBD Infused Lemonade

There is no shortage of occasions or locations to enjoy some CBD-infused lemonade. One of the unique things about this recipe is that it calls for a CBD-infused sweetener

cannabis oil cookies

Cannabis Oil Cookies

Infused recipes in general offer a great addition to the norm, but infused cookie recipes offer the perfect serving of sweet and stoned. If you are looking for a


How to Make Sushi with Cannabis

Many consider sushi a perfect meal. The varieties and combinations are almost limitless, with a roll for every craving and preference. Now, imagine this already delicious meal taken to

thc gumballs

How to Make THC Gumballs

Infused gumballs are fun, flavorful, and surprisingly easy to make. These won’t come out like the shiny, candy-coated gumballs in a candy store, since those require custom machinery. This

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