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cannabis bath salts

How to Make Cannabis Bath Salts

Cannabis-infused bath salts are often available at local dispensaries. You may have wanted to try them, but prices at dispensaries will often be higher than making the same product

cannabutter chocolate truffles

Cannabutter Chocolate Truffles

This recipe for cannabutter chocolate truffles is not only delicious but surprisingly simple. Thanks to the weed-infused butter, the decadent ganache filling also has additional health benefits like pain

how to make cannamilk

How to Make Cannamilk

Just about any food or drink can be infused with cannabinoids and THC, and beverages like cannamilk transform this everyday food staple into a decadent and flavorful ingredient. If

cbd infused lemonade

CBD Infused Lemonade

There is no shortage of occasions or locations to enjoy some CBD-infused lemonade. One of the unique things about this recipe is that it calls for a CBD-infused sweetener

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