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Does Weed Help with Nausea?

nauseas woman in a carOne of the questions many people ask when it comes to the benefits of weed is if it has an effect on nausea. Does it help alleviate the symptoms or is it just a placebo? The truth lies in the many scientific studies that are now popping up concerning the medical use of cannabis which is backed by years of tests and recorded evidence.

What Do the Studies Say?

According to studies, the cannabis flower and its byproducts (such as edibles) work well in alleviating nausea symptoms. Ninety-six percent of all people who have gone through studies from UNM reported relief – decreasing the severity of their nausea significantly.

The effects seem to happen anywhere from 0 to 10 hours after consuming the canna-infused products. Additionally, reports note that the effects seemed to increase over time.

A Viable Alternative to Treating Nausea

For those of us who deal with chronic nausea, it can be timely and costly trying to find relief. It’s not uncommon for someone to spend tens of thousands of dollars on tests, medical procedures, and medication.

If nausea is the biggest concern among the symptoms you’re experiencing, cannabis may be the solution. As studies continue to prove its effectiveness, more and more in the community are coming to accept it for its medicinal properties.

There is a caveat, of course, as not everyone may be receptive to the treatment. There are exceptions to all rules, and like any medication, some people may not have the body readily able to absorb it or the chemical makeup to find it effective and/or productive towards their healing. Consulting with experts and doctors is always recommended before consumption.

Treating Nausea at Home with Cannabis

thc gummies

Using trusted products can be one of the best ways to avoid unwanted symptoms while on your journey to reduce your nausea. Making edibles and other home infusions at home can be a simple, cost-effective process when equipped with the right tools and ingredients. LĒVO’s home infusion machines offer a simple solution, allowing herb drying, activation, and infusion all at the quick click of a button. Set your cannabis to the activate cycle, walk away, and return to decarboxylated weed ready for use in home infusions.

From here, adding your oil of choice to the basin and setting the desired time and temperature is all that is needed to create your own custom cannabis infusion that can be used in a plethora of home recipes, tinctures, topicals, and more. LĒVO makes it that simple. Control the ingredients that go into your edibles and other home infusions, so quality and trusted nausea relief is at your fingertips. Check out their gummy mix bundles – a perfect solution for preventing nausea on long car rides.

While there are some exceptions, weed is said to help approximately 9 out of 10 people suffering from nausea. The proof is substantial and there is no way to refute its power when alleviating the symptom. If you are considering turning to cannabis to help with nausea relief, consult with a doctor knowledgeable about its effects in curing nausea and turn to reputable companies and products to help you get started on your wellness journey.

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