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How to Make THC Sugar

thc-infused sugarSugar has long been a kitchen staple and is commonly used as a sweetener in a broad range of foods. So why not get a little more out of your sugar by adding cannabis to it? THC sugar is incredibly versatile and can be used in countless recipes, from baked goods and breakfast foods to candies and sauces. Best of all, LĒVO’s revolutionary technology makes creating your own canna sugar easier than ever. 

LĒVO Home Infusion Machines 

While making THC sugar and other cannabis infusions might seem challenging, the LĒVO product line has streamlined the infusion process and made it easier for cannabis users everywhere to create their own THC products. To make THC sugar by hand, you’d need to spend long hours decarbing your cannabis flower in order to prepare it for making your tincture. The LĒVO simplifies this process by drying, activating, and infusing your herbs for you while you concentrate on other tasks and activities. 

Manual infusion is a messy and time-consuming process and the outcome isn’t always consistent. The LĒVO machine automates each cycle in the infusion process and ensures that you get a quality, dependable result every time. You also have the option to save your time and temperature settings for convenience if you tend to make the same type of infusion on a regular basis.

The LĒVO II comes in a variety of standout colors and is made from non-toxic materials. It comes equipped with a sizable reservoir (16 oz.), an herb power pod, and a silicone stirrer. All of the LĒVO’s components can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. 

If you’re creating infusions for commercial purposes, the LĒVO C is capable of producing larger batches and features a one-liter reservoir. The LĒVO Lux is the most elegant LĒVO infusion machine on the market and is available in steel, stainless steel, gold, or copper. LĒVO products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year limited warranty. 

Cannabis Sugar Recipe

Making canna sugar is easier than pie. However, before you make THC sugar, you’ll first need to make a cannabis tincture. 

Once you have prepared your cannabis tincture, you can get started making your THC sugar. THC sugar can be used in a range of cannabis recipes, from brownies, muffins, and lollipops to cookies, coffee, and even cocktails

thc-infused sugar

THC Sugar Recipe

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  • Spatula
  • baking dish
  • Cheesecloth or muslin fabric


  • 1 cups cannabis tincture


  • 2 cup sugar of your choosing (white sugar is commonly used, but cannabis users have reported success using brown sugar, coconut sugar, monk fruit, and erythritol sweeteners as well)


  • Pour the sugar into the baking dish and spread it out evenly.
  • Add the prepared tincture to the baking dish and stir the mixture with a spatula until the sugar is fully coated. The sugar will not dissolve but will simply appear to be wet.
  • Use the cheesecloth or muslin fabric to cover the baking dish and allow the mixture to dry naturally.
  • Stir the mixture every few hours over the course of the next 2-3 days.
  • Once the tincture has fully evaporated and the sugar once again appears to be dry, the process should be complete.
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Once the sugar is infused with THC, you should store it in a sealed container, such as a mason jar with a screw-on lid. You can now use your THC sugar to enhance a variety of treats, baked goods, and other dishes. 

Interested in trying out some other homemade cannabis creations? LĒVO’s edible mixes make the process even simpler. Be sure to check out the gummy worm, baking, and granola mixes.


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