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How To Make and Preserve Homemade Edibles

Storing cannabis edibles the right way can make them taste better and last longer. You spent the time to make your own homemade edibles, so now how do you store them? Fortunately, there are ways to preserve your edibles to ensure that they will stay fresh long enough for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

To know how to properly store your edibles, you need to also know how edibles could go bad. The primary factors that work against proper storage are:

  • Humidity – Humidity can change or damage the flavor of edibles, in addition to changing the concentration of the potency
  • Exposure to the sun – Sun can improve the flavor of your edibles, but too much direct sunlight can also damage them
  • Heat – Edibles are best stored in a cool, dark place
  • Contamination – Using a good storage container is one way to ensure your edibles do not get contaminated by insects or foreign substances

Paying attention to the factors that could affect the shelf-life of your edibles is key to successful storage. To learn more about how to make good edibles with optimal shelf-life, we encourage you to take LĒVO’s Elevated Edibles Masterclass. Learn more about it and see how it can help pave your journey toward making more elevated edibles at home.

The Best Storage Containers For Storing Edibles

One of the best ways to store edibles and prevent contamination is to use a storage container. Not all containers are the same, so consider using:

  • Ziploc bag and an airtight container – The best way to store your edibles for up to 30 days is to carefully wrap them in pieces of parchment paper, then seal the individual edible inside a Ziploc bag. Place the bags in an airtight container
  • Glass jars – For those storing edibles that are sticky, wrap each one in parchment paper before storing them in a glass jar.

Always keep your edibles covered to keep light and sun off of them Be sure they are stored away from heat or other extreme temperatures. Know that different edible products have different shelf-life expectancies, and always store them properly to help maintain quality and freshness.

How to Preserve Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears are some of the most popular cannabis edibles. People are increasingly learning how to make their own gummy bears so they can closely control the dose and potency of their candies, as well as explore new flavors. However, many people have found that making a good gummy bear requires techniques they do not have yet.

Some common mistakes are:

  • Not blooming the gelatin – A gummy bear is basically a flavored and sweetened gelatin. Gelatin is a bit difficult to work with because people are not aware they must “bloom” it before they put in the cool, flavored liquid. Place the gelatin in a small amount of cool liquid and let it sit for five minutes. Many people assume they should use a hot liquid so the gelatin dissolves. This is a fatal mistake. If you use a cool liquid, you will see the gelatin absorb the liquid and swell up, or “bloom.” The liquid is usually water but you can use juice or tea also.
  • Using fresh fruits such as kiwi, pineapple, papaya, and guava – These fresh fruits have enzymes in them that mess up the gelatin. Using canned or preserved versions of these fruits will work better with your gummy bears. And if you want to add alcohol into the recipe, be sure it is a very small amount, otherwise, you might ruin the texture of the candies. Instead, consider using acids like these in your recipes to help create the waxy and gummy texture you’re looking for. Citric acid also acts as a preservative for gummy bears. Corn syrup and citric acid will prevent your gummies from becoming rough and dry.

Ready to make and store your own homemade edibles? Follow this recipe for homemade infused gummy bears.

If you purchase the right containers and store your edibles correctly, you should be able to enjoy them for days or weeks to come. For more on cannabis edible creation, storage, and other news, keep checking back on our blog!

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