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tCheck Review

Making homemade infusions can save you time and money. Yet, how do you know if you are getting consistent results? How much oil or butter do you need to add to an edible recipe to get the therapeutic or medicinal effects you are looking for in a homemade edible? tCheck has the answer. 

Whether you’re just starting out on your canna-curating journey, or are an experienced cannabis culinary professional, tCheck is a useful tool that will surely elevate your end result. In this article, we will review the tCheck Potency Tester and in particular, as it pairs with a LĒVO home infusion device. They’re just meant for each other!

What Is the tCheck Potency Tester?

LEVO tcheck potency tester

The tCheck Potency Tester is a small, portable device that measures the potency of cannabis infusions. Adding one to two drops of infused butter or oil is enough for this powerful little machine to deliver accurate, lab-grade potency results in as little as 60 seconds. However, don’t underestimate this lab-grade instrument. It is built tough and can stand up to the rigors of being used in a household or restaurant kitchen. The interface is also simple. It’s easy to use and easy to understand. 

Not only is the tCheck portable, but it is battery chargeable. You always have a way to check for consistent potency results when you need them. 

With the tCheck Potency Tester, you can test almost everything your LĒVO infusion machine can churn out, including: 

The tCheck Potency Tester also comes with a reusable tray. Wash the tray in warm water with dish soap, and you are ready to test your next batch of infused oil. This reliable device can run thousands of potency tests, delivering dependable results every time. 

Potent Infusions Made Easy at Home

tCheck shines when it comes to checking the potency of infusions. However, there is an important step that precedes this testing step – the cannabis infusion process itself!
With LĒVO, crafting potent infusions from the comfort of your home is available by simply touching a button. With three uniquely designed machines, LĒVO’s collection of home infusion devices are a key addition to a tCheck potency tester. With aligned motives, both tCheck and LĒVO infusion machines remove the guesswork, making the process of home infusion and potency testing a breeze for any user. They pair so well in fact, that tCheck and LĒVO teamed up to offer this duo in bundle form!

The LĒVO x tCheck Potency Tester Bundle 

tcheck and LEVO IICrafting high-quality, potent infusions has never been easier or more cost-effective than with this dynamic duo! LĒVO has teamed up with tCheck to offer tCheck bundles with each of their machines.

While each bundle contains similar ingredients, each machine is crafted for a specific user’s needs. You can learn more about the LĒVO difference and compare their three machines here.

The sole difference between these bundles are the LĒVO machines themselves. Once you’ve selected which machine best suits your needs, the rest is simple.

 Each LĒVO x tCheck Potency Tester Bundle includes:

  • A LĒVO infusion machine (in your choice of color/finish)
  • tCheck Infusion Potency Tester
  • One 32-ounce bottle of MCT oil 

While the LĒVO and tCheck Potency Tester are impressive, that’s not all you get with the one-of-a-kind tCheck THC Potency Tester Bundle. The package also includes a 32-ounce bottle of premium MCT Oil to get your infusions started. All you need is your herb!

MCT oil is a medium-chain triglyceride oil, meaning the fat components are shorter and easier to digest. MCT oil has a mild taste and no smell, making it perfect for infusions. It allows the flavor of your oil infusion or edibles to shine. It never overpowers the flavors you desire. Additionally, there may be health benefits to using MCT oil in therapeutic infusions. MCT oil may aid in weight loss, improve gut health, and boost energy. MCT oil is particularly popular with athletes and fitness enthusiasts because it can help improve athletic performance. 

These tCheck kits have everything you need to get started on your home infusion journey. The only thing you need is your favorite flower, herb, or botanical. With this bundle, you are on your way to creating artisanal infusions suitable for culinary or topical use.

Why Choose tCheck

tcheck testerAs mentioned above, the tCheck Potency Tester is a handheld device capable of testing the potency of flower-infused butter and oils. It is a fast and reliable way to measure the strength of your homemade infusions, removing any of the guesswork that may come when assessing your finished canna product and desired dosage. 

What makes tCheck the perfect pairing to any LĒVO machine is that both devices are designed with a user-friendly interface, streamlining the process of making homemade cannabis infusions and edibles. LĒVO’s “set-it-and-forget it” motto is only made better with the handy tCheck THC tester. Together, this pair makes it easy for any beginner to get started on their cannabis infusion journey and for any cannabis expert to take their products to another level! 

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