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How to Make Elevated Edibles with LĒVO’s Masterclass

LEVO teaching edible masterclassAs the legalization of cannabis continues to spread across North America, more and more people are starting to take an interest in how to make edibles. That said, finding the right tools and resources to help you dive into this venture may still feel scarce and overwhelming. This is where LĒVO has stepped in. 

As the creators of the first patented home infusion device, LĒVO’s expertise in the science of cannabis infusion and edible curation is the real bread and butter of this course. With the new release of their Elevated Edibles Masterclass, making edibles at home has never been easier. We’re excited to offer you some insight into LĒVO’s masterclass and outline exactly what you can expect to learn, create and take away from this cannabis infusion and homemade edibles course.

Who is the Elevated Edibles Masterclass For?

masterclass review articleWhether you’re a beginner looking for a solid starting point, an experienced infusiast or a LĒVO device owner, this course is sure to fill in all the gaps for you. We want to highlight that you do not need to own a LĒVO or infusion device to take this course, as it speaks to the oven decarboxylation process, crock pot infusion techniques and more. 

LĒVO knows that everyone interested, entering, or well on their edible-eating way, has their own story and journey when it comes to cannabis consumption. They shared with us that they took this to heart when they created this course. LĒVO created this course steeped in the intention to pack as much of the knowledge and expertise they relied on in formulating efficient infusion machines, and make it applicable to every user, regardless of their preferred method of decarbing or infusing. For this reason, as a beginner, old-school infuser, or LĒVO owner, this course will check your boxes – it was designed for you. 

What Will You Learn in this Course?

different cannabis strainsThis one-hour Masterclass was thoughtfully designed in eight thorough lessons tying up any and all loose ends about the science, practices and processes of infusion and edible making. You’ll begin this uncensored class with a full overview of medicinal cannabis, including the science behind potency and what to look for when buying bud or shake for your homemade elevated creations. This is highly important, as you’ll come to know. You’ll learn about the intricate differences between strains and terpenes, and get useful tips to help you select the right type of cannabis for your desired edible and their intended purpose. 

Beyond this, you’ll take a deep dive into cannaoil and cannabutter, learning the ins-and-outs of how to make these beautiful, timeless infusions. Going back to the basics, even as an experienced infusiast, is a great refresher to guarantee your homemade infusions are homogenous, potent, and encapsulate the best possible shelf life.

One of the standout features of this course is the detailed, easy-to-follow cooking steps for edibles that might seem overly technical, like gummies, tempered chocolate, caramel, and more. This course will show you just how easy it is with step-by-step guidance, tips, tricks, and recipes. Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to this course so you can perfect your craft over time and refer back whenever needed.

The Benefits of Taking The Elevated Edibles Masterclass

Making your own edibles is not only a fun hobby, but it can also save you a ton of money in the long run. With store-bought infused edibles often containing questionable ingredients and preservatives, making your own is also a much healthier option. Many perceive this process to be time-consuming, smelly, and messy, but LĒVO’s learnings are guaranteed to help you set your mind at ease and find an easy system fit for your needs!

masterclass caramelsIf you’re familiar with LĒVO’s line of home infusion devices, you know how they were designed to remove the mess and guesswork from home infusions. This Elevated Edibles Masterclass emulates this same goal. The course will teach you how to infuse medicinal flower into oil and butter with or without LĒVO machines to make delectable edible treats for consumption and sharing. You’ll learn baking and candy techniques to make perfect from scratch gummies, chocolates, caramels, muffins, and more, which can then be applied to any other recipe you find on your shelf or from our dense library of recipes on our blog.

At only $99 USD, this course is a small investment into the elevated products you’ll be able to create with the knowledge you will surely gain. You’ll also receive a PDF featuring 12 downloadable recipes with deeper lessons around calculating potency with the resources available to you. Whether you’re new to the world of edibles and looking for a comfortable introduction, or you consider yourself an infusion professional, this course will ensure you maintain the best basic practices and take a step up into the world of elevated edible mastery. 

Our favorite way to enjoy this course – Sign up for the Elevated Edibles Masterclass and host an Elevated Evening with Friends! Enjoy crafting homemade infusions and delectable edibles together with family and friends while reaping the elevated benefits of great conversation, laughs and maybe even some dancing!

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