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How to Make Easy Cannabis Coconut Oil

marijuana-infused coconut oilCoconut oil is well known in the cannabis community for its versatility. It can be used to make a variety of cannabis treats – from lollipops and gummies to baked goods and desserts. In this recipe, we will use a LĒVO home infusion device to infuse organic coconut oil with weed. 

Using LĒVO to Make Your Own Coconut Oil

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own cannabis coconut oil but are concerned about the amount of time and energy you’ll need to devote to infusing, we hear you. By using a LĒVO home infusion machine, you can avoid the hassle of doing everything by hand, not to mention the mess that manually drying, activating, and infusing cannabis flowers creates.  The LĒVO’s automated technology allows you to complete all three cycles of the infusion process at the press of a button. 

Whether you are infusing butter, honey, milk, MCT oil, or coconut oil, using the LĒVO will ensure that you get a reliable result every time you infuse. One of the many downsides of manually preparing an infusion is that you can’t always rely on the outcome to be consistent. Infusing by hand can be frustrating, intricate, and inconvenient – leaving many cannabis lovers to simply purchase pre-made cannabis products at a dispensary, smoke shop, or store. Unfortunately, these products often contain unhealthy ingredients, unwanted preservatives, and unnecessary fillers. You can determine the ingredients and potency of your cannabis coconut oil and assure its quality by creating your own infusions with LĒVO. 

Using a LĒVO home infusion device also makes clean-up so much a breeze – while infusing without can be a kitchen nightmare. All LĒVO components are dishwasher safe, including the reservoir, herb pod, and silicone stirrer. They can also be easily cleaned by hand using soap and water.

Once you have selected the coconut oil you’d like to use, you can use the LĒVO calculator to determine the correct time and temperature settings. To infuse coconut oil with cannabis, you’ll need to set the temperature between 160°F to 175°F. While you can infuse the oil for as long as you want to increase potency, we recommend allowing the machine to run for at least 2.5 hours. You can also save these time and temperature preferences for next time. 

LĒVO home infusion machines all come with a generous one-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re like most LĒVO customers, your home infusion device will be your new obsession and counter staple to stay. However, it’s nice to know that your purchase is protected with LĒVO. 

In addition to the LĒVO II, the most popular model for personal use, LĒVO also offers two other popular infusion machines: the LĒVO C and the LĒVO Lux. The LĒVO C is an ideal option for small business owners, who need more capacity. The LĒVO C comes equipped with a one-liter reservoir and is best employed for producing larger batches. The LĒVO Lux, meanwhile, is a decked-out, hyper-elegant version of the already sleek and elegant LĒVO II. The LĒVO Lux has a gorgeous, durable metal facade and comes in black steel, stainless steel, gold, and French copper. It is also built with an elevated dry cycle, making it an optimal choice when looking to work with cannabis along with fresh garden herbs. 

Making Cannabis Coconut Oil

marijuana coconut ediblesWe love coconut oil because it can be used in a wide range of recipes due to its lightness of flavor. It is also at the top of our list because of its fatty acids that create a strong bond with cannabis flower and other herbs –  making it ideal for infusions. You can use your infused coconut oil in a variety of recipes, dishes, and treats from savory to sweet. The sky really is the limit with infused coconut oil. 

A note on dosage: You may want to adjust the potency of your cannabis coconut oil depending on your experience and tolerance. If you’re a beginner, you may want to use a smaller amount of cannabis flower infused for a shower time period. In contrast, experienced cannabis users may want to infuse their coconut oil with more flower for a longer period of time to create a more potent infusion. 

You can fit roughly seven grams of cannabis flower in the LĒVO herb pod and about two cups of coconut oil in the LĒVO reservoir. While we recommend infusing the oil for at least 2.5 hours, the LĒVO can technically infuse for up to ten hours. Some people prefer the low and slow method because the longer you infuse your coconut oil, the stronger the final product will be. In general, we recommend starting with a short time and working your way up. 

marijuana-infused coconut oil

Cannabis Coconut Oil Recipe

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  • 7 g Dried cannabis flower of your choosing
  • 2 cups of coconut oil


  • Insert your preferred amount of cannabis flour into the herb pod. While there is no need to grind your cannabis herbs before placing them in the pod, coarsely ground herbs will also do nicely. Be wary of using finely-ground herbs, which can slip out of the pod and get into your infusion.
  • Place the pod in the reservoir.
  • Close the lid and choose the Activate Cycle.
  • Press Play. Wait for the cycle to complete.
  • Open the reservoir and add the magnetic stirrer.
  • Fill the reservoir with 2 cups of organic coconut oil. It is perfectly fine if the coconut oil is in solid form. You do not need to melt or liquefy the oil.
  • Seal the reservoir by closing the lid. Enter the appropriate time and temperature settings. For infused coconut oil, we recommend infusing at a temperature of 160°F to 175°F. You should allow the cannabis to infuse for a minimum of 2.5 hours.
  • Once the infusion is complete, transfer the coconut oil to a sealable container for storage. If you own a LĒVO herb press, use the press to squeeze out any remaining cannabis.
  • Your coconut oil infusion can be stored at room temperature in a cabinet or in your pantry. If you don’t plan to use it for a while, consider storing it in the freezer to extend its lifespan.
  • Use your cannabis coconut oil to make healthy and delicious meals and treats.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!

LĒVO also offers several edible mixes to simplify the process of making your own cannabis products. Check out their mixes for granola, gummies, and brownies today.  

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