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Do It Yourself CBD Face Serum

Countless skincare routines and individual items boast anti-aging properties and other benefits. Many items now contain CBD because this natural botanical can alleviate numerous skin conditions, ranging from minor irritations to wrinkles and blemishes.

However, the price of skincare products seems to go up and up, and sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what ingredients are in these different products, or even what animals they might be tested on.

So, why not use your LĒVO home infusion appliance to make some infused CBD facial oil you can use in a simple and healthy face serum? Your skin will thank you for it.

You can infuse your oil of choice – MCT, Coconut, Grapeseed, Pomegranate, etc – with pure hemp to get a healthy dose of CBD. With strains of hemp, you will get mostly CBD and a smaller amount of THC – which also has great properties for skin.

LEVO infusion

The botanical terpenes and cannabinoids from cannabis are excellent moisturizers and are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. That helps control redness and breakouts.

By infusing your own oil with a LĒVO infusion machine and selecting exactly what ingredients to include, you can nourish your face with this DIY CBD face wash right from your own home. What could be simpler, more healthy, or more cost-effective?

Nourishing CBD Face Oil Recipe

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Here are the ingredients and instructions you’ll need to make your own CDB Face Serum for your face.
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  • 3 tbsp CBD infused coconut oil
  • 2 tbsps 2 tbsps shea butter
  • 1 tsp 1 teaspoon magnesium oil
  • 1 drop 1 drop of camphor essential oil
  • 1 drop 1 drop of peppermint essential oil


  • Melt the shea butter at a low temperature.
  • Add in the other ingredients, making sure they mix completely with the shea butter.
  • Allow the mixture to cool and funnel it into a container with a dropper.
  • You can store the mixture for up to a month.
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How to Use Your CBD Face Oil

After cleaning and drying your face, add a couple of drops of CBD serum to your fingers. Rub into your skin gently, in circular, upward motions. Best applied in the morning before lotion + sunscreen, and nightly before your evening moisturizer.

diy cbd face serum

Benefits of CBD Face Oil

The shea butter contains vitamin A and vitamin E, which improve one’s skin and prevent dryness. These vitamins help ward off signs of aging by stimulating collagen production.

Magnesium oil can help break up oil in the pores and is useful to help prevent acne blemishes. CBD in the face wash can help protect one’s skin from sun damage and inflammation caused by too much ultraviolet light exposure. The other ingredients of the wash create a refreshing feeling on your face.

How Long Will It Take to Notice Improvements?

You may notice improvements in your complexion within a week. Your skin should look fresh, clean, and brighter. Consistency is key when starting a new skincare product, so remember to use this refreshing CBD oil in the morning and before bed. You can store your face wash under the sink where you keep your other skincare products.

What Kind of Improvement Will You Notice When Using CBD Face Serum?

With consistent use of your infused skincare, you’ll notice that your skin is moister, and you won’t have as many blemishes.

The collagen promoted by shea butter may help reduce wrinkles. Sun damage could be less noticeable, especially if you protect your skin with sunscreen. Age spots will lessen in noticeability, and your overall complexion will be radiant.

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