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Cannabutter Burgers

This is the recipe we have been waiting for. Cannabutter Burgers. What’s better than grilling juicy burgers with friends on the weekend? Grilling burgers made with cannabutter!

Making these delicious burgers is made that much easier now with a LĒVO II or LĒVO C infused butter machine that streamlines the decarbing and infusion process, so you have more time out on the porch with your friends.

Cooking up these buttered burgers with your friends is sure to be a good time. Remember the memories of barbeques and cookouts when you were younger? Now you can make more of those memories with a day full of cold drinks and dosed cannabutter burgers.

One problem with cooking these burgers on the grill is that everyone in the neighborhood will want to crash the party. I’d recommend making a few non-buttered burgers just in case you have some extra guests stop.

cannabutter burger

Cannabutter Burgers Recipe

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  • 450 g 80% lean hamburger meat
  • Sea Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 1/2 tbs Garlic powder
  • 1/2 tbs Onion powder
  • 4 tbs cannabutter



  • Choosing your meat wisely is the first necessary step to a good burger. Since you will combine infused butter with the meat, the meat should be fatty. The fat will help combine with the butter and ensure the burger isn’t too dry. I would use 80% lean hamburger meat. Grassfed beef is always a recommended option for a tasty, full-flavor burger too.
  • Combine the cannabutter, spices, and meat together, and work it in with your hands. Try to get the butter through all the meat so that the effects of the butter will be evenly dispersed.
  • Now, separate the meat into 4 equal sections. One pound of hamburger meat should make 4 patties.
  • Form the meat into patties by rolling them into spheres, and then gently press them flat until you achieve the desired thickness.


Depending on how fancy you’d like the barbeque to be, you could even combine a luxury Wagyu burger with your infused cannabutter.
If you’d like to venture out into more exotic meats besides beef, you could also use elk, venison, or bison. If you or your friends are vegetarians, cannabutter is still the perfect addition to a portobello mushroom or crowd-favorite, black bean burgers too.
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How to Cook Cannabutter Burgers

You can easily cook your burgers in a frying pan, and they will turn out perfectly fine. But let’s get a little perspective here. These are cannaburgers. For the full experience of grilling outdoors, not to forget to mention the necessary char on the burger, cook them out on your porch grill.

The neighbors will smell the meat with the infused butter, and their mouths will be watering.

Your burgers should cook for about 4 to 5 minutes per side, depending on how hot your fire is. Cook your burgers until one side has a bit of char and clear grill lines. Make sure not to press them or you’ll squeeze all of the juice out.

Then you’ll want to flip and repeat. The juices will seal into the meat, and you will get the maximum effect of the cannabutter.

How to Serve Cannabutter Burgers

This is where you can personalize your recipe. What toppings are you going to put on that burger to make it as tasty as can be?

I always have a fresh tomato and lettuce on my hamburger. Pickles and sliced onion are always an excellent addition too. Having an array of condiments on hand, like ketchup, mayo, and mustard, is necessary for burger personalization. How about a slice of cheese?

I usually pass on the cheese, but I know people who won’t eat a hamburger without it. But if you are a cheese lover, put a regular slice of swiss or cheddar on the top of the burger about one minute before taking it off the grill, and you’ll have the perfect melted topping.

If you went the fancy or exotic route, you could sauté onions or mushrooms in some of the remaining cannabutter for an extra kick. Guacamole, bacon, or even a fried egg can be an extra dimension to any burger as well.

We’re missing one final touch: the buns. A good canna-burger deserves delicious, toasted hamburger buns to top off the meal. Don’t forget to spread a little bit of the extra cannabutter on the buns before you toast them.


If this is your first cannabutter burger, sit back on the lawn chair and enjoy. If you have made cannaburgers before, then you probably have your toppings planned out, your lawn chair perfectly positioned, and you’re ready for a relaxing rest of the day with your friends. Enjoy!

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