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4 Consumption Methods to Explore with LĒVO

So you’re new to flower, or maybe returning to it, and you want to explore all the different consumption methods out there. One option is to head to your local dispensary and buy a product from every category, but that’s expensive, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be consuming clean ingredients. Your other option is to make your own psychoactive goodies, but old-school stove or Crockpot methods can be messy and time-consuming, and they really only introduce you to edibles. 

Instead of dealing with that mess only to be left with brownies of unknown potency, try an option that’s easy to use, a breeze to clean up, and delivers four different types of consumption methods at the push of a button: the LĒVO II.  

The LĒVO II allows you to infuse any herb into any oil, butter, or honey, so the possibilities are endless even outside of flower consumption methods. But when it comes to working with flower specifically, there’s still plenty of room to experiment. Read on for four consumption methods you can explore with your LĒVO and the top recipes to help get you started.

Making a Tincture with LĒVO

CBD and flower tinctures are one of the top consumption methods right now, especially for beginners. They’re discreet, flavorful, and easy to dose out. Since you drop them under your tongue, which gives the therapeutic compounds direct access to your bloodstream, the onset of a tincture is usually pretty quick, though if you swallow most of it, it’ll take a little longer because that sends it through your digestive system instead.

Image of flower oil in a bottle. Learn the different consumption methods with LĒVO.

Using LĒVO to make a tincture allows you to know exactly what ingredients you’re consuming, and LĒVO keeps it simple—you only need oil and herb.

LĒVO Tincture Recipes 

Making Edibles with LĒVO

Making edibles with LĒVO is simple because you can essentially just take your tincture and run with it. Because you can infuse any oil, butter, or honey with the machine you can make any recipe that calls for oil, butter, or honey a psychoactive one.

Image of LĒVO edibles. Learn the four consumption methods with LĒVO!

You do have to be a little more aware of your dosing when making edibles. Since you’re swallowing the flower’s compounds, they go through your digestive system, and that includes passing through the liver. This roundabout trip is the reason edibles take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to kick in, and it’s also the reason edibles can hit so much harder. In the liver, the main psychoactive component of flower changes into a metabolite that’s more potent and more effective at getting to the brain.

So when you’re making edibles with LĒVO, be sure you know the potency of the flower you’re using and be mindful of how much oil, butter, or honey the recipe calls for. If your recipe calls for two sticks of butter, maybe only infuse one stick and leave the other regular.

If you’re looking for a place to start, LĒVO’s got you covered with some deliciously easy recipes.

Top LĒVO Edible Recipes

Making Topicals with LĒVO

Topicals and skincare products don’t always have the best ingredients because terms like “natural” aren’t regulated by the skincare industry, so the definition is subjective. But if you make your topicals at home with LĒVO, you can control exactly what goes into them and onto your body, which is important because your skin absorbs what you put on it.

Image of a woman using her LĒVO II to make a topical. Learn the consumption methods.

Topicals are also a great way to get to know flower and its effects without going head-first into the clouds. It can take anywhere from five minutes to two hours to feel their effects, but they usually last four or more hours. But, the effects are only where you apply the topical, so you don’t have to worry about getting high with topicals. LĒVO has a ton of topical and skincare recipes in their free online library. Below are the top few.

Top LĒVO Topical Recipes

Making Suppositories with LĒVO

Suppositories aren’t exactly a traditional consumption method, but they’re quickly gaining traction as a way to use flower to ease discomfort without getting intoxicated. There’s very limited research on suppositories at this point, but from what we’ve learned so far from animal studies and anecdotal evidence, they appear to work similarly to topicals, keeping the effects localized. Many report that they can also be a great natural substitute for intimacy lubricants.

Typically, suppositories take about 15-20 minutes to fully melt and absorb into the body, so be aware of the time if you do choose to use them for intimacy. LĒVO’s suppository recipe makes several at once, but you can store the extras in your freezer for up to six months.

LĒVO Suppository Recipe

Consumption Methods Review

Flower can be intimidating to get into, but fortunately, the world of legalization has given us easy access to plenty of smoking and vaping alternatives that make embracing flower power a little more approachable. Unfortunately, with the industry still largely unregulated, ingredients aren’t always clean and prices aren’t always realistic.

Image of the LĒVO II. Learn the consumption methods.

With the LĒVO II, you can explore making edibles, tinctures, topicals, and suppositories with little more than your kitchen oil and a small amount of flower from your local dispensary. To determine where to start, consider these questions:

  • What outcome do I want from my flower experience?
  • How much time can I spare to wait for it to kick in?

If you’ve got time and are looking for a heavier-hitting experience, consider making edibles with your LĒVO. If you’re looking for more localized effects, try a topical or suppository. Either way, by making your own with LĒVO, you can avoid the unknown ingredients and embrace the spirit of experimentation.

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