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Washington, D.C. Enacts Law Protecting Private Employees from Cannabis Use Penalties

WASHINGTON, DC – A new law enacted in Washington, D.C. Thursday prohibits most private employers from taking disciplinary actions against employees for Cannabis use at the workplace.

According to Marijuana Moment, employers are forbidden from firing or otherwise penalizing individuals for cannabis use, participation in the medical cannabis program, or failing an employer-required or requested cannabis drug test unless the position is deemed safety-sensitive.

Employees in law enforcement, safety-sensitive construction, commercial driving, childcare, and patient care may still face consequences for cannabis use. Exceptions are also made for workers contracted by the federal Department of Transportation.

A report accompanying the recently passed D.C. bill highlights the evolving cannabis landscape and the lack of evidence supporting drug testing regulations. It emphasizes that numerous jurisdictions nationwide are contemplating or enacting laws to safeguard legal cannabis consumption.

Exactly one year following D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s endorsement of the legislation, which triggered 60 days of congressional review, federal lawmakers chose not to impede the measure.

In a poll conducted by The i-71 Committee last year, voters in D.C. demonstrated significant backing for cannabis legalization and expressed their disapproval of enforcement actions against the unregulated cannabis “gifting” market.

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