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Kentucky Lawmakers File Legislation to End Cannabis Prohibition

FRANKFORT, KY – State Lawmakers in Kentucky filed legislation this week that could legalize both recreational and medical use of marijuana.

According to WHAS, two senators and a state representative filed the L.E.T.T.’s Grow act that, if passed, will legalize sales, expunge low-level marijuana crimes, provide treatment for those who “deserve to benefit” from medicinal marijuana, and taxing sales for adults using it recreationally.

The legislation would also create a Cannabis Control Board in the state, which would enforce regulations in the same way as the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Rep. Rachel Roberts (D-67) believes it is time to end the prohibition on marijuana in Kentucky saying, “This would be a boon for our economy and farmers alike, plus give state and local governments a major new source of revenue.”

Other representatives believe the legislation will pass in the house but may run into challenges in the Senate. Kentucky Senate President Robert Stivers previously said he is open to discussing legalization, but had personal concerns.

Marijuana legalization failed in the Kentucky senate after successfully clearing the house in 2020.


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