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Does Stomach Fullness Impact Edible Effectiveness?

woman eating an edibleA common edible question often asked is, “Do edibles work better on an empty or full stomach?” Understanding the answer to this question can help you make a better decision the next time you want to partake in edibles. It may seem overwhelming, but all of the information you need to make an educated decision is out there and we are here to help.

Edibles all work the same in the way that they attach to the lipids, or fat, present in the body at the time of ingestion – though the effects can vary depending on several factors. Factors like age, metabolic rate, and BMI can also affect how your body responds to the consumption of an edible. However, one of the things you can easily control before your intake is what you have otherwise consumed in the form of food and beverages. 

Do Edibles Have More Impact on An Empty Stomach?

Interestingly enough, edibles work the same as most medications. Eating food before taking most medications is recommended – the same goes for edibles for optimal effectiveness. The effects typically last longer and they are generally more potent because it takes longer for the compounds to be digested and the active ingredients have more lipids to attach to. 

You’ll find that it will take longer to hit a high because your stomach is full. However, when it does hit, you’ll feel the effects for much longer. For example, you can start feeling a high at around 2 hours from ingesting, but that high can last 6 or more hours.

On an empty stomach, you’ll feel the effects much faster. Since your digestive system isn’t working on anything else, it can focus on absorbing the edible and its properties. The active ingredients will also have less to attach to in order to stay in your system. 

The Effects of Edibles on Full Stomach vs. Empty Stomach

edibles on empty stomachAccording to studies, edibles combined with fatty foods produce intense highs – think lipid attachment! Fats are THC’s best friend.

If you are looking to feel stronger effects from consuming an edible; eating a milk chocolate edible or something fatty beforehand may work to help you enhance the effects – or a glass of milk to wash it down! If you don’t want it to be strong, eating lean foods and drinking lots of water may be the option. This is all relative to your own personal preferences.

Science continues to explore this phenomenon and we look forward to more conclusive results over time.

Looking to Get the Right Edible?

levo brownie ediblesOne of the challenges in buying edibles is that there are limited options with flavor and food type with many being sugar-based candies and chocolates… which are wonderful but not suited for all occasions. LĒVO makes consuming edibles that meet your personal preference – at any time – easy. Their line of home infusion machines can help equip you in the kitchen to make custom edibles that meet your desired potency, taste, and effects. Their line of gummy mixes, baking bundles, accessories, and more can help you to streamline, speed up and customize your edible-making process from start to finish. Make the most of your edible consumption process by learning more about LĒVO today.

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