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Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission to Issue First Business Licenses

ALABAMA – In a meeting on Monday, the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) revealed its chosen recipients of medical cannabis business licenses.

According to WBMA, the commission conducted a vote to determine which applicants would be granted the licenses. In order to ensure a fair review process, the commission collaborated with the University of South Alabama, which oversaw the application evaluation, enlisting a panel of 66 evaluators.

“There was no shortage of qualified individuals and entities who provided applications for us to consider,” Said AMCC Chairman, Dr. Steven Stokes. “Based on the evaluators’ assessments and the Commission’s considerations, we believe that we have selected an outstanding slate of inaugural licensees to represent Alabama’s new medical cannabis industry.”

The evaluators were assigned to review one of the eight scoring categories. These categories encompassed a comprehensive assessment of the applicants and included the following factors:

  • Financial Ability
  • Business/Management Approach
  • Operations Plans & Procedures
  • Facility Suitability and Infrastructure
  • Security Plan, Personnel
  • Quality Control and Testing
  • Marketing and Advertising

Applicants who have been granted a license are required to submit a license fee to the commission within a 14-day timeframe. The licenses are expected to be issued during the Commission’s meeting on July 10th.

Physicians in Alabama can start the certification process to provide recommendations for medical cannabis only once businesses licenses are issue.

Additionally, Rex Vaughn, Vice Chairman of the AMCC, announced the commission plans to initiate a second round of license offerings specifically for cultivators, secure transporters, and state testing laboratories.

“The Commission looks forward to affording more opportunities for individuals to participate in the industry,” said Vaughn. “These businesses will not only serve Alabama patients but provide business and job opportunities for local communities.”

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