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Wisconsin GOP Leader Explores Limited Medical Cannabis Path

WISCONSIN – In a recent interview, Wisconsin Senate Majority Leader Devin LeMahieu expresses openness to a potentially restrictive medical marijuana bill, limited to pill form, in the 2024 session.

According to a report by Marijuana Moment, the GOP-led proposal, yet to be unveiled, faces potential opposition from Democrats, including Governor Tony Evers, who advocates for comprehensive recreational legalization.

“It’s high time we legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana in Wisconsin much like we do with alcohol,” said Evers.

The GOP’s focus on medical cannabis in pill form raises concerns about federal regulations. GOP Senator Mary Felzkowski notes the challenge of building consensus amid Democratic efforts for adult-use legalization.

Democrats, led by Senator Melissa Agard, criticize the lack of GOP legislation on cannabis legalization and urge public pressure.

“Nearly 7 out of 10 Wisconsinites support the full legalization of cannabis in our state. I stand with Governor Evers in his call that it is past time to provide not only medicinal cannabis, but recreational cannabis,” Agard said. “Being an island of promotion is making us less safe and less prosperous.”

Despite bipartisan efforts for incremental reforms, Wisconsin’s conservative legislature historically resists marijuana proposals. The economic impact of legalization is estimated at nearly $170 million annually.

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