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How to Make Hemp Oil Taste Better

Like most CBD oils, hemp oil does not have a pleasant taste by default. Even the most sophisticated and expensive CBD oils have a bitter taste. This is due to small amounts of THC present in their content (around 0.3%).

As you know, THC is what makes marijuana psychoactive, and therefore many people who promote the use of CBD prefer its oil to be as free as possible from THC content – with no significant amount of it leftover. This often leads manufacturers to remove all traces of THC out of their products as much as humanly possible. But doing so has an unfortunate side-effect: it also takes away the terpenes and other cannabinoids responsible for the fresh and flowery, almost cannabis-like taste.

Hemp oil is bitter by defaultWhat makes CBD oils taste bitter?

CBD (cannabidiol) is becoming increasingly popular as a health supplement for people all around the world, but many do not feel comfortable using it because of its bad aftertaste. The good news? You have options to help you mask the flavours of hemp seed oil, while still getting its valuable health benefits.

Another downside to purchasing hemp oil is that many companies sell their products online without providing any information about them, so even if you find a product that works for you, you will often be left in the dark when it comes to its taste. This is why we encourage you to always go check out the product in person or order small samples before committing yourself to buy larger quantities of CBD oil.

With all of this considered there is another favourable option to help you get the nutrients of hemp oil. The LEVO II oil infuser is a simple decarboxylation machine that may be used to decarb cannabutter, THC-infused oils, CBD salves, and other types of infusions. In addition, it’s a fantastic decarboxylation for preparing cannabis-infused sweets and ointments.

The Nutrition Value of Hemp Seed

Hemp seed is one of the most nutritionally complete food sources on the planet. In addition, consuming hemp foods will provide you with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which are essential for maintaining optimum health.

Like any other CBD oil, hemp seed oil can therefore help with depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, and even cancer.
Hemp oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce arthritis symptoms and swelling of joints which helps lead to an increase in flexibility.

Omega 3 & 6 help reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors such as high cholesterol, hypertension, platelet aggregation, and heart rate variability. They also have anti-inflammatory properties that inhibit tumor growth and improve response to inflammation in people living with asthma. In addition, eating hemp foods can help reduce your risk of a heart attack, and they contain healthy fats that will improve brain function and athletic endurance.

How to make hemp oil taste better

How to mask the taste of hemp oil

The oil has a distinctive flavor that can be difficult to disguise, but there are several things you may do to mask it. Read on for 15 strategies that will help you overcome the taste of hemp oil and ensure you’re still receiving the incredible health benefits of hemp oil.

  1. Add juice
    Adding juice to hemp oil will help to dilute it enough that you cannot taste its flavor. Adding about 1 or 2 ounces should cover the unpleasant taste of hemp oil and still get you the nutrients you desire!
  2. Try flavored extracts
    Extracts are very flavorful substances that can dramatically enhance your recipes with only a few drops. You can find natural extracts at specialty stores, but they’re available online as well. Many common extracts, particularly vanilla and maple, have delightful flavors that can enhance your baking with minimal effort on your part. Be sure to use only an amount necessary for the desired effect, to ensure your dish isn’t overpowered by the extract’s flavor.
  3. Hide it in your cooking
    While hemp oil may not taste so good on its own, it can work well in just about any type of dish that calls for vegetable or nut oils. Melt the oil slowly over low heat and use immediately or store for later use.
  4. Just add honey!
    Honey is a delicious substance with many health benefits as well as an excellent flavor. It will effectively dilute the flavors of the CBD oil very nicely at little cost to you.
  5. Use it in your salad dressing
    Hemp oil is an excellent addition to a healthy salad. Mix the oil into your salad dressing to receive its health benefits without the dominant flavor.
  6. Add vinegar
    Vinegar is another highly flavorful substance with a wide variety of uses in cuisine. The best choices for masking hemp oil’s flavor are apple cider vinegar or rice wine vinegar since both have powerful flavors themselves and aren’t as intense as, say, balsamic or malt vinegar.
  7. Swallow with yogurt
    Another way to reduce the intensity of hemp oil’s flavor is to swallow it quickly along with a spoonful of yogurt. The lactic acid in the yogurt will neutralize the taste and keep your palate fresh and eliminate the lingering taste of the hemp oil.
  8. Combine with butter or peanut butter
    Butter and peanut butter are hefty flavors that work well to mask any other flavors. If you don’t like the taste of hemp oil, then consider using it as a base for butter or peanut butter until you get used to the flavor!
  9. Try peppermint extract
    Peppermint is another common flavor enhancer that can serve to enhance both sweet and savory dishes. If you’re using hemp oil as part of a chocolate recipe, consider trying peppermint extract instead of mint extract to produce vibrant results!
  10. Add sugar
    Sugar is another common flavor enhancer used by professional and amateur chefs and works nicely with hemp oil-based dishes. Again, increase or decrease the amount used to suit your tastes; we recommend starting with two tablespoons per cup of liquid and adjusting from there if necessary.
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