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New York City Ranked as World’s Top Cannabis Consumer in New Study

NEW YORK – the latest “2023 Cannabis Global Price Index” released by health information resource CFAH, has earned New York City the distinction of being the largest consumer of cannabis in the world.

According to a High Times report, the study, which analyzed data on cannabis prices from 140 cities across the globe, revealed that the Big Apple consumes a staggering 62.3 metric tons (approximately 137,000 pounds) of cannabis annually.

CFAH examined the highest and lowest cannabis-consuming nations, considering the level to which cannabis is legal in each one, to create a comprehensive list of study cities. The prices per gram were obtained through city-level polls that were crowdsourced and adjusted to the PriceOfWeed dashboard, along with data from the UNODC World Drug Report.

To determine total consumption figures, CFAH utilized data collected from the World Health Organization (WHO). For tracking the price trajectory of cannabis in the United States, the study employed Seasonal AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average (SARIMA), a statistical model that accounts for data patterns.

The study’s findings show New York City significantly outpacing other major cities in cannabis consumption, holding the top position on the list. Sydney, Australia, secured the second spot, with an annual consumption rate of 45.8 metric tons—approximately 17 metric tons less than New York. Los Angeles ranked third, with an annual consumption of 35 metric tons, followed by Chicago at 24.9 metric tons and Rome, Italy at 21.9 metric tons per year.

Additional cities included in the study were Houston, Toronto, Tokyo, Prague, Vienna, Hamburg, Phoenix, Montreal, Melbourne, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Uskudar, Dublin, Denver, and Annapolis.

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