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How To Make Hemp Oil Gummies

CBD products are becoming more popular among Americans because they offer a range of benefits such as pain relief, improved digestion, reduced inflammation, and reduced anxiety. One of the preferred ways to ingest cannabidiol, or CBD, is through gummies, which are candies made with hemp oil containing CBD and other compounds. Hemp oil also contains vitamins such as D, D3, and B12. 

Hemp oil does not contain THC, which can get people high. Hemp or CBD oil is different than hemp seed oil, as these two products are made with different parts of the cannabis plant. 

What Are Hemp Oil Gummies?

Hemp oil gummies are sweet, chewy candies infused with CBD oil. These gummies provide instant benefits to several important systems in your body. 

hemp gummiesThe most common mental health disorder is anxiety, and CBD can positively impact the effects of anxiety by enhancing serotonin, which regulates mood. Gummies can also alleviate discomfort by reducing inflammation and tension. The endocannabinoid system inhibits the body’s ability to absorb anandamide. Higher levels of anandamide reduce discomfort and pain. Hemp oil gummies can also improve digestion by reducing gut inflammation and eliminating bloating.


While these candies are sweet and it may be tempting to eat multiple at a time, 1-2 gummies are the recommended amount. 

What Types of Gummies Could I Make?

The two variables for making gummies are flavor and shape. You can make a variety of flavors because you can use virtually any kind of fruit juice or tea. If you use fruit juice, be sure it is 100 percent fruit juice, so the gummies do not taste watery. 

You can get creative with gummy shapes too because the easiest way to make gummies is with silicone molds. These are readily available in grocery stores and through Amazon. They aren’t expensive, and you can use a variety of them to distinguish gummies by CBD potency and flavorings.

What Ingredients Do I Need to Make Gummies?

Making hemp oil gummies yourself is a way to make sure you get the right amount of CBD to treat your symptoms. Store-bought gummies may or may not contain the amount CBD the label describes, but it is difficult to verify. It is not like a medicine purchased at a pharmacy. The gummy company could conceivably cut back on the hemp oil to increase profits. But if you make your own, you will get the amount of CBD you prefer.

hibiscus hemp gummies

Hibiscus-Lemon CBD Gummies

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These gummies have a pleasant, fruity taste but not a lot of sugar. This recipe makes 24 large gummies or 48 medium-sized gummies.
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  • 1 cup water
  • 6 hibiscus tea bags
  • 3 tablespoons raspberry or strawberry dried fruit powder
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons refined white sugar
  • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon or lime juice
  • 4 tablespoons unflavored gelatin
  • 24 dose servings full-spectrum CBD-rich hemp oil (An eyedropper is 1ml of oil which is a standard dose for many people. Add 24 eye droppers full to the mixture to get gummies of standard potency)


  • Boil 1 cup of water and place the hibiscus tea bags in it. Let the tea steep for five minutes, then remove ¾ cup of tea and discard the rest.
  • Place the tea in a saucepan and combine with dried fruit powder, sugar, and lemon juice. Whisk the mixture until it is thoroughly combined, then simmer over medium heat until it is hot but not boiling This is a good time to give it a test to be sure it is sweet and tasty enough. Add the gelatin powder to the mix and whisk until all the ingredients are combined. Continue to cook over medium heat until the gelatin is completely melted, and the mixture is glassy and smooth.
  • Remove the saucepan from the heat and add the CBD tincture to the mixture. Remember, we are making 24 large gummies, and one milliliter of CBD is a standard dose for many people. So, measure 24 eyedroppers of tincture into the mix and stir well to combine all the ingredients.
  • Sometimes the mixture will get foamy from all the whisking and stirring. That doesn’t affect the gummies, but some people do not like the texture. Cool the mixture and put it back on the stove, slowly reheating without stirring if you want to get rid of any foaminess. The foam layer can be removed with a spoon.
  • Now it’s time to pour the CBD mixture into the gummy molds. Carefully use your eyedropper to fill the mold. The gummies will start to solidify very quickly, so work as fast and diligently as you can. Carefully place the mold in the fridge and cool for two hours.
  • Remove the gummies by popping them out of the mold. Storing them in an airtight container is preferred because they can get dry and chewy if left out in the air. This recipe does not use preservatives, so eat your gummies in two weeks or so.
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Can’t Reliably Find Quality CBD Tincture? Use an Infusion Machine to Make Your Own

The LĒVO ll machine is an effective tool to make infusions of all kinds. When making your own CBD tincture, the potency of the cannabis you use is important. CBD does not have THC in it, so you have to get marijuana that has no more than .02 percent THC in it. You can use any and all parts of the cannabis plant to make CBD.

LĒVO Il is an efficient machine that activates the cannabis with heat and infuses it with oil or butter. The process of drying, activating, and infusing fully automated and can even be controlled from your phone. Making your own hemp oil gummies at home has never been easier with LĒVO ll.

With limitless recipes and creative possibilities for flavors and shapes, making your own hemp oil gummies from home will be a fun and relaxing experience.

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