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Nevada Expands Adult-Use Cannabis Limits Starting January 1st

NEVADA – Under Republican Gov. Joe Lombardo, Nevada will witness an expansion of legal cannabis purchase and possession limits for adults aged 21 and older starting January 1st.

According to a report from NORML, the recently signed legislation (SB 277) allows adults to buy up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis flower and/or one-quarter of an ounce of concentrates from licensed retailers.

This marks a significant increase from the previous possession limits of one ounce of flower and one-eighth of an ounce of concentrates. Additionally, the law permits licensed medical dispensaries to extend their services to non-patients beginning the new year.

Nevada’s move aligns with the 2016 statewide ballot initiative that legalized the adult-use cannabis market, building on a previous 2000 initiative endorsing medical cannabis production and distribution.

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