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Minnesota Hosts Its First-Ever Cannabis Expo, ‘The Lucky Leaf’

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – The Minneapolis Convention Center rolled out Minnesota’s first-ever cannabis expo last weekend, CBS News reported.

The Lucky Leaf expo brought together 150 cannabis vendors and local business owners for the two-day event as the state gets ready to establish its legal recreational marijuana market.

Marijuana was decriminalized in Minnesota last August, allowing the possession, use and home grow of cannabis for people 21 and older.   But full-scale retail sales at dispensaries could still be a year away.

Once sales begin, cannabis supporters at the expo said they expect that business will be booming.   “Projections of sales of $1.5 billion by 2029,” said Jen Randolph Reise, a cannabis attorney with North Star Law Group.

She added that business owners will need legal assistance to help them navigate the complexities of getting started in the industry.

“Being a facilitator and a guide to people as they work to think about what their business could be and figure out how to do that within the scope of the law,” Reise said.

Among the vendors interviewed in the report was Tony Pagni of Perfectionist Rolling Equipment, who was marketing his Apehex rolling machine.  Pagni said, “It’ll make 900 to 1,100 perfectly-packed pre-rolls an hour,” said Pagni.

Another business owner was Drew Emmer of Boveda, whose company makes humidity control packs to keep cannabis flowers fresh.

The Lucky Leaf expo was billed by organizers as a must-attend event for cannabis professionals and job seekers in Minnesota. Conference attendees were able to explore the exhibitors, hear from a variety of speakers, and learn all they could about the industry.

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