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Delaware Bill Would Permit Recreational Marijuana Sales At Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

WILMINGTON, DE – Lawmakers in Delaware are moving forward on a bill that would expedite recreational marijuana sales at medical cannabis dispensaries, according to a WBOC report.

The measure, House Bill 408, was approved last week by the House Economic Development/Banking/Insurance and Commerce Committee.  It would permit the six medical dispensaries in Delaware to have temporary conversion licenses so that they could provide medical marijuana as well as making adult-use sales.

Under the bill, the Delaware Office of the Marijuana Commissioner would accept applications for conversion licenses from August 1 through November 1.

Upon being approved, conversion licensees could start selling cannabis. The licenses would expire after four years, but businesses could apply for general licenses prior to that expiration. There would be a $100,000 license fee, and revenue would be used to provide financial assistance to social equity applicants seeking conditional licenses.

“This bill will leverage the existing medical medical program to provide a strong foundation for a successful adult-use recreational programs—providing support for the equity program, saving time and resources and generating tax revenue to state within a short time frame,” said one of the bill’s co-sponsors, Rep. Ed Osienski (D). “This will provide an expedient pathway for regulated marijuana to consumers by April 1.”

The bill will now proceed to a final vote in committee.

It requires that a dispensary be eligible for renewal within the medical program, must be able to show that it can meet market demands (in addition to verify its plans for continued service in medical cannabis and show support for the social equity program), and have a signed labor peace agreement with a labor organization.

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