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How to Make Cannamilk

Just about any food or drink can be infused with cannabinoids and THC, and beverages like cannamilk transform this everyday food staple into a decadent and flavorful ingredient.

If you crave a favorite snack like milk and cookies or creamy chocolate milk, you might want to try cannabis-infused milk. Cannamilk transforms classic recipes while providing nutrients and terpenes that can enhance well-being.

Cannamilk is great when used as an ingredient in recipes. You can also use cannamilk to create Fettuccine Alfredo or caramel gelato as well as many other wonderful recipes. This cannamilk recipe is easy, and it takes about two hours, including the stages of decarboxylation and infusing the milk.

How to Make Infused Milk with LĒVO

The decarbing and infusion processes are important for activating the health properties of cannabinoids facilitating their absorption into the human body.

The human body can absorb some nutrients and terpenes from the raw flower, but the flower needs heat to convert THCA into THC and unleash the full potential of cannabis’s anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, and psychoactive properties. Plus, not everyone enjoys the taste and texture of raw flower, so using canna-infused milk, butter, or oil is much more palatable.

Remember that infusions work best with higher fat content products. The more fat, the better the infusion results since fat is required for THC bonding and THC won’t bind to water-based liquids without the addition of lecithin.

how to make cannamilk

Cannamilk Recipe

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If you like simplicity in the kitchen, then you will love that there are only two ingredients in this recipe.
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  • 3-5 g your preferred flower
  • 1 cup whole milk


  • Coarsely chop cannabis flower and place inside the LĒVO II Herb Pod. Insert the Herb Pod into the reservoir where you see the “Place Pod Here” marker. Set to the default Activate cycle.
  • Once the Activate / Decarb cycle is complete, pour milk into the reservoir.
  • Set LĒVO to the Infuse cycle for 60-120 minutes between 150-165°F. *Rule of thumb: Do not let the milk come close to boiling. If possible, check in on your infusion to ensure you don't hear boiling. Low and slow is the rule here.
  • When complete, allow the infusion to cool for a few minutes. Once the mixture has cooled, dispense into a clean container (mason jars work really well for this purpose).


You can adapt to add more milk or less milk depending on the recipe. Just remember to monitor the amount of cannabis and anticipate its potency when used in a serving or recipe.
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Benefits of Cannamilk

The therapeutic properties of the cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannamilk have many health benefits.

Years ago, people used to drink a glass of milk before bed, so the tryptophans would contribute to a sound sleep. This recipe offers the ultimate weed-infused bedtime tonic, so integrate cannamilk into your evening routine if you are having trouble sleeping

Note: If sleeping or pain management is your objective, we suggest an Indica dominant strain.

How to Use Cannamilk

how to use cannamilkYou can now enjoy a small glass of milk paired with your favorite cookie, add it to your coffee, or use it in a recipe. A dash of vanilla extract can soften the earthy taste of cannamilk, or you can add a splash of coconut milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Note:  If you decide to make cannamilk often, you might want to experiment with making ice cream and infuse with LĒVO’s large batch machine: LĒVO C!

Make sure you start with a smaller amount of cannamilk the first time you drink it. Take a sip or two, and wait about two hours to see how you feel. This recipe does not use a lot of liquid and it can be very potent for most people.

You can add plain milk or another liquid if you want to reduce the potency and increase the actual amount of milk per serving.

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