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Recreational Cannabis to Appear on Nov. Ballot in Missouri

Missourians will have an opportunity to vote in November on a constitutional amendment that would legalize recreational marijuana for adults.

According to the Associated Press, the activist group Legal Missouri 2022 submitted enough signatures to put the initiative on the ballot. Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft made the announcement on Tuesday, referring to the measure as Initiative 2022-059.

If the amendment passes, adults 21 and older could legally purchase and cultivate cannabis for personal use. Individual cities would still have the option to hold a public vote to ban the sale of non-medical cannabis within city limits.

In additional to legalizing recreational cannabis sales, Initiative 2022-059 would also cancel past criminal convictions related to marijuana with a few exceptions. Exceptions include convictions against violent offenders, DUI convictions, or convictions for selling to minors.

Missouri voted to legalize medical marijuana in 2018. If Initiative 2022-059 passes, Missouri will join 19 other states that have already legalized recreational cannabis.

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