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Pot Cafes Inch Closer to Approval in Massachusetts Legislature

BOSTON, MA – Voters in Massachusetts approved a ballot measure that allows the possibility of “social consumption sites,” or marijuana cafes in the Boston area in 2016. Recently, those cafes became closer to reality thanks to a legislative move in the state.

According to the Boston Herald, a legal technicality that prevented individual cities from voting on the cafes kept them from being opened since the measure was passed initially. However, a new bill passed by the State Legislature’s Joint Committee on Cannabis Police last week could clear the blockage.

The program would grant licenses to legally operate the cafes to to “microbusinesses,” “craft marijuana cooperatives,’ and other economically disadvantaged groups. The official list of interested cities and towns has not yet been made publicly available.

State senators who introduced legislation on the subject believe the tourism brought in as a result could benefit small businesses and their communities alike.

It is not likely that cannabis cafes will be popping up in the Boston area very soon. However, local dispensary and cannabis company owners are enthusiastic about the idea.


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