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Poll Finds Americans View Cannabis as Safer and Less Addictive than Cigarettes, Alcohol

A recent survey conducted by the American Psychiatric Society and Morning Consult revealed that Americans find Cannabis poses less danger than alcohol, cigarettes, opioids, and even technology,

According to Marijuana Moment, a significant majority of people expressed greater concerns about the safety of cigarettes (84%), alcohol (64%), prescription opioids (66%), non-prescription opioids (75%), and vapes (76%). In contrast, when considering the level of safety, respondents viewed cannabis as less risky than all of these substances.

In terms of safety, technology stood out as the sole exception, as only 23%  of participants considered it somewhat or very unsafe.

“It is clear that we have gotten the message through that cigarettes are dangerous and addictive,” said APA President Petros Levounis. “We can help prevent more Americans from other potentially addictive behaviors, like drinking alcohol and technology use.”

“We can also make sure that people know about our current safe and effective treatments for both substance use disorders and the behavioral addictions.” He added. “Addiction treatment works.”

The APA plans to launch a campaign that will run into early 2024 in order to raise awareness of addiction to vaping, alcohol, opioids, and technology.

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