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PA Lawmakers Considering Changes to Current Marijuana Laws in 2023

HARRISBURG, PA – There will be five potential considerations for changes to the state’s current cannabis laws in legislation this year.

According to KPVI, Pennsylvania lawmakers will be looking at potentially changing the current medicinal medical program, decriminalizing possessions for small amounts of marijuana, adding DUI protections, clarifying medicinal marijuana proof needed for employers, and legalizing recreational marijuana for ages 21 and up.

While all five items are on the agenda for 2023, overhauling the marijuana medicinal program in the state is at the front. That proposal for change is pushed by Sens. Mike Regan, R-York, and James Brewster, D-Allegheny.

If passed, it will broaden who is eligible for medicinal marijuana, remove the need for annual renewal of medical marijuana cards, and allow doctors more access to prescribe medicinal marijuana without the state interjecting.

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