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Ohio Cannabis Legalization Effort Heads to November Ballot

COLUMBUS, OH – Ohio’s Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol has successfully gathered more than enough signatures to advance their campaign for adult-use cannabis legalization in Ohio, propelling the issue to the November ballot.

According to a report by WJW, the cannabis advocacy group submitted 222,198 signatures to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office, surpassing the required threshold of about 124,000 signatures from 44 counties.

“Our issue will authorize the possession and use of marijuana by adults 21 and over and provide a framework to ensure proper regulation and fair taxation,” said coalition spokesperson Tom Haren. “This isn’t ground-breaking. … We’re just trying to get Ohio in line with neighbors like Michigan and Illinois.”

Under the proposed statute, adults aged 21 and above would be able to possess restricted quantities of cannabis and cultivate a limited number of plants within their residence. The legislation would also establish a 10% tax on recreational marijuana to support local communities.

The coalition’s collection of 222,000 signatures is now slated for verification by the various counties. Upon certification, the issue will be included as a statewide measure on the November 7 ballot, requiring a simple majority for successful passage.

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