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New Study Finds Medical Marijuana Leads To Improvements In Quality of Life

ERIE, PA – A new study has found that patients using medical marijuana are experiencing improvements in their quality of life, Forbes reports.

Researchers with the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine conducted the study on over 100 members of the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Program who were using medical cannabis for health conditions.  They were surveyed over a 90-day period to assess how medical marijuana was affecting their physical and emotional well-being.

The results showed that many participants experienced improvements in their physical and social functioning, energy levels, and emotional well-being within the first 30–60 days of using medical marijuana.  These improvements were sustained for the length of the study.

“It is clear that medical marijuana, when administered safely, can improve an individual’s quality of life,” the authors of the study wrote. “Participants reported significant decreases in emotional limitations, fatigue, and pain levels.”

It was also noted that those who used inhaled or vaped products were younger and had a significantly higher increase in emotional well-being compared to those who used flower products.

Another observation was that who used medical marijuana once a day tended to have better general health scores compared to those who used it more frequently.

But the study suggested that the combination of alcohol and medical marijuana may not be ideal because participants who used both had lower levels of energy and emotional well-being.

The authors concluded, “The findings suggest that MMJ [medical marijuana] has the potential to improve physical and social functioning, energy levels, emotional well-being, and overall general health within the first 30–60 days of use.”

Despite the study’s limitations, such as self-reported data and a small sample size, the researchers said it provides valuable insights into how medical marijuana can affect people’s lives and highlights the need for personalized approaches to its use.

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