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New Record Set For Adult-Use Marijuana Sales in Massachusetts

BOSTON, MA – Officials in Massachusetts have reported a new record for total statewide cannabis sales in 2023.

According to a news release from the state’s Cannabis Control Commission, gross sales by adult-use marijuana establishments in the state exceeded $1.56 billion last year.  That marked an increase of $78 million, or 5 percent, from 2022.  Helping to fuel the rise was a total of $140.1 million in adult-use sales in December, surpassing the record set in August. Overall, it was the sixth consecutive year of record growth in cannabis sales in Massachusetts.

“This continued growth confirms that Massachusetts’ regulated marijuana industry is still a maturing market,” said Commission Acting Chair Ava Concepcion. “As more retailers and delivery licensees come online, flower prices start to stabilize, and the stigma surrounding cannabis slowly dissipates—legal, tested products are becoming more accessible, affordable, and approachable than ever before, and that’s reflected in the multiple sales records licensees broke in 2023.”

However, a report by NBC Boston cited some concerns about the stability of an industry that currently has 338 marijuana retailers and 21 delivery business operating in the state as of December 31.  Marijuana business owners said a saturation of the market could result in the demand for products being exceeded by the supply.

The Cannabis Control Commission said that since it began tracking adult-use retail sales in November 2018, the four highest adult-use cannabis sales months all occurred in 2023, with nine of the top 12 all-time sales months happening in 2023.

Also last year, over 97,000 certified medical patients in Massachusetts helped account for another $225 million in sales from the 103 Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers operating in the state. The combined total of $1.79 billion for adult-use and medical cannabis sales in Massachusetts is a new record for a calendar year.

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