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Latino Cannabis Association Hopes to Build Equity in New York’s Marijuana Industry

NEW YORK – The non-profit Latino Cannabis Association officially launched this week with the goal of assisting the Latino community in entering New York’s booming cannabis industry, WSHU reports.

President of the association, Jeffery Garcia, said obtaining a licensed to grow and sell recreational marijuana is the first step when it comes to developing a thriving business in the community.

“We want to make sure that our members are ready to actually not only get licenses, but build out these businesses and create generational wealth in our communities,” said Garcia.

In addition to the licensing assistance, the organization will reach out to Latino-owned businesses when sourcing services such as lawyers, contractors, engineers, and more. Garcia hopes that the success of these cannabis businesses will allow the organization to reinvest the money into struggling Latino communities.

New York state law says that half of all marijuana growing and retail licensed must be set aside for small farmers and those in disproportionately impacted communities. These businesses would then have access to state-run programs to help them succeed and grow.

The Latino Cannabis Association is just one of a number of trade groups that were formed in response to the legalization of cannabis in New York State.


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