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Delivery-Only Medical Cannabis Dispensary to Open in South Kingston, RI

SOUTH KINGSTON, RI – Rhode Island’s Plant Based Compassionate Care is slated to open the first delivery-only medical cannabis dispensary in South Kingston, according to WPRI.

Sweetspot Dispensary was one of the winners selected in a lottery held last year to open new compassion centers in Rhode Island.

“We are going to collaborate with all cultivators and processors in Rhode Island to offer more than 19,000 Rhode Island marijuana card holders diverse cannabis products through our innovative delivery system,” said Jason Webski, an attorney for Sweetspot Dispensary.

The dispensary, which will be located at 91 Pershing Avenue, will be a consultation-only office while offering home delivery to medical marijuana patients statewide.

“This demonstrates our commitment to medical cannabis patients throughout Rhode Island who have been anxiously waiting for more access. We are here and we are ready to serve,” said Blake Costa, president of Sweetspot Dispensary.

In addition to serving medical marijuana patients across the state, Sweetspot also vows to plant one tree for every pound of cannabis delivered.

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