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Colorado Dispensary Unveils Cannabis Vending Machine

Exciting news in the world of cannabis: You can now buy marijuana from a vending machine in Aurora, Colorado. Terrapin Care Station partnered with BMC Universal Technologies, a Canadian vending machine company, to develop the Automated Cannabis Experience (ACE) machine.

Terrapin installed the machine earlier this month, allowing customers to purchase marijuana products using a simple touch screen. It is the first fully automated kiosk in the country to dispense cannabis.

Terrapin first introduced the machine in November. Cannabis enthusiasts and industry personnel lined up daily at the MJBizCon trade show to test the device. A spokesperson for the event said it felt like they had an amusement park ride on the premises.

Taking Marijuana to the Next Level

The ACE machine is at Terrapin Care Station in Aurora. Customers must check in with a dispensary representative to show proof of identification. Only those 21 and older can enter.

After entering the store, customers don’t have to interact with anyone else. They can buy the products they want by scanning their ID and using the touch screen to browse the menu. Selecting the desired products places them in a digital basket until the user is ready to check out.

The ACE holds up to 1,152 cannabis products, including vape oil cartridges, flower, and edibles. The machine is also refrigerated, so it can hold concentrates that require storing at specific temperatures.

Customers must pay using cash when they’re ready to check out. The machine doesn’t accept debit cards or credit cards at the moment. After completing the transaction, the ACE retrieves, bags, and seals the chosen products. You can watch the process through a large glass window. ACE places a sticker on the order and dispenses it through the opening like a typical vending machine.

It’s an excellent option for those who know exactly what they want. The machine also functions in multiple languages, which can futher free up retail staff. They don’t have to wait for an employee to explain the products or help them find something they might like. It also frees up time for the retail staff to focus on customers who require their attention.

Colorado Governor Promotes the ACE

Colorado Governor Jared Polis promoted the ACE machine on Twitter with a picture of the kiosk. He stressed that customers must provide their identification to prove their age before making purchases. The machine essentially provides an ID “triple-check” to ensure it only dispenses to individuals eligible to buy marijuana.

Although some people responded to Polis’s tweets with concerns about how an automated machine could affect employment, the Governor believes it will help the cannabis industry. He actively advocates for licensed marijuana businesses seeking financial assistance. He also pardoned over 1,300 people previously convicted of possessing two ounces or less of marijuana.

Colorado is also taking steps to ensure social equity and promote energy efficiency in the cannabis industry.

Previous Attempts to Market a Cannabis Machine

In 2014, a cannabis business unveiled its automated cannabis machine during an event at Saturday, a restaurant in Avon, Colorado. The ZaZZZ is similar to the ACE in Aurora. Its climate control allows it to store various marijuana products and pot-infused snacks to keep them fresh.

Investors explained that the machine was meant to remove many of the doubts people have about a vending machine anyone could use to purchase cannabis. It isn’t as simple as walking up to the machine, placing money into it, and walking away with marijuana products. The initial plan was to have it only in licensed stores solely for patients with a valid medical marijuana card to buy what they needed to treat their medical condition.

American Green was the company behind the ZaZZZ. The purpose of the first model was to sell snacks and other items at Herbal Elements, a dispensary in Eagle-Vail. However, the company was required to meet required regulations before placing it in the location.

The vending machine uses the same technology that verifies the identity and age of individuals under the Control Meth Act. Active biometrics confirm the customer’s age and identity before dispensing the product. It also only accepts medical marijuana cards.

The idea of buying cannabis from a vending machine can help improve business. Eliminating the middleman offers various benefits. Dispensary owners no longer have to worry about theft by employees and customers. Products are available for immediate sale after someone stocks the machine. Dispensing by machine ensures the company doesn’t lose track of its inventory.

American Green wasn’t the only company attempting to streamline pot sales by promoting cannabis vending machines. Around the same time, California and Arizona introduced similar products allowing customers to buy marijuana from a machine.

A Glimpse of Hope for the Cannabis Industry

According to statistics from the Colorado Department of Revenue, cannabis sales reached $1,768,688,837 by the end of last year, a significant drop from the year before. Since 2014, sales steadily climbed until reaching their highest in 2021, with a total of $2,228,994,553 in sales.

The drop in cannabis sales could be due to staffing issues. Many dispensaries face the same challenges as other establishments in the service industry. Dispensary owners believe adding an automated checkout option will speed up customer transactions and remedy staffing shortages. It can also attract more people to these stores and give them something fun to use.

The CEO and other employees from Terrapin Care Station believe ACT can revolutionize the cannabis industry. It is a potential game-changer for businesses and consumers. Cannabis lovers might start seeing automated machines with marijuana products next to regular vending machines that sell soda, candy, and chips. Eventually, if regulatory changes are made, you might see these machines in the same types of places you might now look for an ATM.

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