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9 Latin American companies poised for big showing at Benzinga

This year’s annual Bezinga Cannabis Capital Conference will play host to nine emerging Latin American cannabis companies whose contributions to the market are worth exploring further. Held in Chicago on September 13 and 14, the conference highlights new cannabis brands that have grown to success in recent years.

Although all nine of the nominated companies are worthy of recognition, only one will be named the “Best Latin American Cannabis Company.”

Khiron Life Sciences Corporation

Khiron has emerged as a global leader in medical marijuana production in recent months, with operations based in both Latin America and Europe. The Columbian brand’s reach extends from Brazil, Peru, and Columbia to Germany and the United Kingdom.

The company has collaborated with research networks across Latin America– such as the Iberoamerican Cannabinoid Research Network, the Cannabis Hub, and the Spanish Society for Research on Cannabinoids – to promote access to better education about cannabis and marijuana products.

Khiron works hard to cultivate products that both healthcare providers and medical marijuana patients can find to be helpful. The brand’s CEO, Alvaro Torres, will represent the company at the Bezinga conference.

PharmaCielo Ltd.

Since 2016, Canadian-based company PharmaCielo has been operating out of Columbia, where they have become an emergent contributor to the cannabis marketplace. Because of the company’s strategic location in Colombia, a country whose climate is perfect for the cultivation of cannabis products, PharmaCielo can produce THC-dominant and CBD-dominant cannabis extracts. 

The brand has been on the rise over the last few years and has shipped its products all over the world, making it one of the top cannabis companies in Latin America.

The group’s CEO, Bill Petron, has worked in many capacities in his time in the cannabis industry. Perhaps most notable are his contributions to Brazilian company MSI Integrated solutions, as well as the time he has spent as a co-founder of Alternative Medical Enterprises LLC.

Not only has the company proven itself successful in the Columbian market, but it has expanded to include a venture in Mexico. MINO Labs S.A. de C.V. distributes medical products in Mexico and has widened PharamCielo’s reach within the industry.

One World Products, Inc.

From its base in Popayan, Colombia, One World Products remains the largest Black-owned producer of cannabis and hemp products in the country. The brand supplies both CBD and THC ingredients to other manufacturers around the world.

One World CEO Isiah Thomas has expressed interest in promoting more sustainable practices within the company, starting by taking advantage of the carbon credit in the brand’s control.

By including indigenous and local farmers in their process, One World has created a unique and progressive business model that has both helped their growth and provided opportunities to the local community. 

Clever Leaves Holdings Inc.

With operations in both Colombia and Portugal, Clever Leaves is one of Latin America’s leading pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid producers. Its goal is to revolutionize traditional sustainability practices associated with cannabis production, and the brand is committed to providing consumers with high-quality, low-cost, and environmentally friendly products.

The company has expanded its operations by partnering with German cannabis producer Cantourage GmbH. The brand now supplies the German market with its pharmaceutical-grade medical marijuana products.

CEO Andrés Fajardo has served Clever Leaves in a variety of positions since the company’s founding. Having occupied such offices as President, Managing Director, and Chairman of the Board, Fajardo is in charge of expanding Clever Leave’s reach across the global cannabis market.


Cannava, a company based in northwestern Argentina, is committed to manufacturing its products according to the best scientific and agricultural practices. The state-owned manufacturer has produced medicinal cannabis treatments for patients across the country.

The company’s harvest of more than 86 acres of cannabis for medicinal purposes was the largest public harvest in Latin America to date. Cannava’s pharmaceutical-grade flowers will supply distributors of cannabis oil and medical marijuana products across the globe.

Flora Growth Corp.

As one of the biggest producers of naturally sourced, pharmaceutical-grade, affordable cannabis products on the planet, Flora Growth has made some serious waves. The brand maintains partnerships with companies in Europe, including Malta and Portugal, and has been working to expand its wholesale supply and research divisions.

The company’s CEO, Luis Merchan, has worked on adding new investors, expanding the brand’s reach to such a degree that Flora Growth went public on the NASDAQ in early 2021. Flora Growth’s reach is expected to accelerate in the future as the brand continues to explore ways to supply patients and pharmaceutical providers with high-quality, low-cost medical marijuana options.

Kumara Farms

With operations based in northern Peru, Kumara Farms cultivates its high-quality medical-grade cannabis in some of the most ideal conditions on earth. The company works hard to combine ancient cultivation practices with health and wellness research to manufacture pharmaceutical marijuana in as sustainable a way as possible.

Kumara Farms President Andres Vazquez Vargas has had experience in corporate leadership roles in logistic, retail, and agribusiness settings. As the leader of the brand, Vazquez Vargas hopes to focus on individuals in order to best address their needs.


Based in Toronto with operations in the United States, Canada, and Columbia, VerdeMed is on a mission to supply top-quality pharmaceutical-grade marijuana to all of Latin America, with specific market interests in Chile, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, and Columbia. 

The company is committed to keeping medical-grade marijuana accessible to distributors across Latin America in low-cost and innovative ways.

Avicanna Inc.

One of the fastest-growing medical marijuana manufacturers in Latin America, Avicanna is committed to expanding its network while observing environmentally sustainable cultivation practices. The Toronto-based company has caught the attention of its competitors with its quick growth and number of investors.

Aras Azadian, the company’s CEO, has been nominated for a Bezinga Cannabis Award, having been named a Top Cannabis Leader Under 40. Azadian has gained valuable experience in many biotechnological capacities, but is most recognized for his work with Avicanna, providing equitable access to pharmaceutical-grade cannabis.

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