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How to Make Weed Tea

There are plenty of ways to go about making weed tea to match your preferences, both in taste and potency.

Of course, you could venture off in a number of different directions like; bullet-proof matcha or even Indian bhang, but today we, at Cannabutter Digest are going to give you the basics of weed-tea making you’re sure to love. The most efficient way to go about doing this is by using a LĒVO machine: either LĒVO II for artisan infusions or LĒVO C for big batches.

The reason for this is because of the built-in decarbing ability of the machines. Decarbing ‘activates’ your cannabis so that you’ll be able to enjoy the psychoactive effects.

Once your infusion is done, you’ll be able to dip into your infused coconut oil and add as little (or as much) as you like to your tea- whether it’s just a cup for yourself, or you’re hosting high tea with family and friends. Follow the instructions below to make your own weed tea.

how to make weed tea

How to Make Weed Tea

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  • LĒVO II or LĒVO C machine
  • 1 g coarsely ground cannabis in 1-2 Power Pod(s) or a LĒVO C Jumbo Pod
  • 473-1006 ml coconut oil or MCT oil depending on which machine you’re using
  • 1-2 tbsp liquid sunflower lecithin


  • First, you’ll need to decarb, or ‘activate’ your favorite strain. Once you’ve loosely filled your Power Pod (or two) or Jumbo Pod, with your coarsely ground herb, you’re good to go.  Note: Our recommended default setting for your LĒVO II’s Activate cycle is 240ºF/116ºC for 30 minutes. LĒVO C has one Activate mode. Run it once for a half-full pod and twice for a full ounce of cannabis. Now let’s move on to the infusion process:
  • Keep your herb in the Power Pod(s) or Jumbo Pod inside the reservoir.
  • Add up to 473 mL of coconut oil to your LĒVO II reservoir, or 946 mL to the LĒVO C basin. Ensure the cannabis flower is fully submerged by the oil.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of liquid lecithin to the reservoir to help bind the oil to water in your tea. Lecithin also increases the bioavailability of THC in your body, making the infusion feel more potent to some. Set your LĒVO to 71°C to 79°C and infuse for 2-5 hours. Use our time and temperature calculator to be precise when infusing other herbs and types of oil, honey, or butter. We also have a super-helpful, handy app!
  • When the infusion is finished and the coconut oil is still warm, dispense your infusion into an airtight container. We love mason jars. And with a bit of tape on the lid or a dry erase marker, you can name and date that particular infusion.
  • Make sure to use your Herb Press to get every last healthful drop out of your Pod(s).
  • You can keep your coconut infusion in the refrigerator. For maximum longevity, keep your infusions organized and accessible by pouring them into freezer-safe Herb Blocks.
  • Now you’ve got a super-special coconut oil infusion to add to your tea. Boil water on your stove top and then add either your favorite loose-leaf or bagged tea and steep to taste. Then once it’s poured into cups, you can add teaspoons (depending on the strength) of your infused coconut oil for those that would like to partake. We do recommend starting slow. If this round of tea is just for yourself, simply make a cup of tea as you normally would and add your desired amount of coconut oil. It will separate just a bit- as it is oil and water, but that’s okay and is completely normal.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!


Of course, once you get a little more adventurous, you’ve also got the option of trying a matcha-blend, or an even more healthful mushroom Chaga version. Yes, green tea is generally considered a super-food, but those two are absolutely next-level. As you can see, once you start working with LĒVO, a whole world of new options opens up- turning your kitchen into a first-class international tea house. #levomade

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