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Renewed Push in Kansas for Legalization of Medical Marijuana

TOPEKA, KS – A day of action was held in Kansas this week by groups supporting the legalization of medical marijuana, KWCH reported.

The event at the State Capitol Tuesday was organized by the Kansas Cannabis Coalition, Loud Light and ACLU of Kansas.  They are lobbying the state legislature to approve a bill during the 2024 session making medical marijuana legal in the state.  Medicinal use of cannabis products has been passed by 38 other states, along with the District of Columbia and three U.S. territories.

Kansas Cannabis Coalition President Cheryl Kumberg said she is attempting to impress upon state lawmakers the medicinal benefits of marijuana use, citing reports on the issue by the FDA.   She noted there are patients in Kansas who are using medical marijuana secretly because it has yet to be legalized in the state.

“Allow these people to use or not use it,” Kumberg was quoted as saying. “Just because we have a bill doesn’t mean that we have to use it. It’s time to get with the 21st century, and let’s let patients heal, let’s give them options, and decriminalize.”

The Kansas House passed a medical marijuana bill in 2021, but no action was taken in the Senate. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly has said she supports the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes but not for recreational consumption.  The ACLU of Kansas said a statewide poll found that 79% of Kansas residents support access to medical marijuana through a medical provider while 71% supported decriminalization for personal use.

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