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New X-Ray Cannabis Decontamination Machine Will Debut at MJBizCon

Las Vegas, NV – VG Group plans to unveil their new X-ray cannabis decontamination machine, the CX-1000, at MJBizCon on November 16.

According to Forbes, this revolutionary machine will effectively decontaminate cannabis from the risk of contamination by utilizing heat-less and chemical-free x-ray technology.

Cannabis has the potential for various contaminants such as, yeasts, mold and bacteria. That is why many states have legislation requiring the product to pass laboratory testing before being sold on the market.

This innovative technology will aid the industry greatly in the decontamination process. It keeps the integrity of the product in tact and is safe for both the operator and consumers.

VG Group reports it is 99.9% effective in inactivating dangerous mold and microbes. The company plans to officially launch the machine and unveil it at MJBizCon since it is the largest cannabis trade show in the world.

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