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Missouri Launches Lottery for Cannabis Microbusiness Licenses

MISSOURI – Missouri is set to hold it’s first lottery for microbusiness licenses in the state’s budding cannabis industry starting this Thursday, according to MJBizDaily.

In this initial round, 48 cannabis microbusiness licenses will be issued by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). Over the course of 18 months, a total of 144 such licenses will be granted through three random lotteries, as detailed by the department.

The licenses will be divided among Missouri’s eight congressional districts. Each district will receive four wholesale licenses and two dispensary licenses.

Eligibility criteria for applicants include not requiring Missouri residency, but majority owners must meet at least one condition, such as a nonviolent cannabis offense conviction, or having a disability connected to military service.

Applicants have until August 10 to submit their applications, and the lottery drawing with the announcement of results is scheduled to take place between August 11 and October 2.

The application fee amounts to $1,500, and applicants who are not chosen in the lottery will be eligible for a refund under specific conditions.

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