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Minnesota Approves $67 Million Investment in Local Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing

MINNESOTA – Minnesota is embarking on a multi-million-dollar venture to establish local cannabis cultivation and manufacturing facilities.

According to CBS News, HWY35 Cannabis has chosen to repurpose a sprawling 138-acre site in Grand Rapids, formerly a Lumber Mill that ceased operations in 2008. This ambitious project, supported by investor John Hyduke, carries a price tag of $67 million and aims to reinvigorate the region by creating around 400 union jobs.

“Kind of a bucket list for me in terms of bringing an industry, some jobs back to where I grew up,” said Hyduke. “All products will be created there and hopefully put in dispensaries across the state.”

The company plans to cultivate a diverse range of cannabis strains destined for various products, including gummies, beverages, and topicals, with distribution channels extending to dispensaries throughout the state.

“The gummies are being made here and they will be sold in the state. That’s encouraging to me because the product stays in the state and the circles just keep getting bigger,” Republican Rep. Roger Skraba said.

Notably, HWY35 has no intention of selling products on-site and is in the process of securing cultivation and manufacturing licenses.

While the state has granted $20 million in loans for the initiative, not all stakeholders are fully on board, expressing concerns about fiscal responsibility and the evolving regulatory landscape. The state’s Office of Cannabis Management is still in its nascent stages, with product availability potentially not occurring until 2025.

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