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Medical Cannabis Bill Passes in South Carolina Senate

COLUMBIA, SC – The South Carolina Senate passed a medical marijuana bill on Wednesday after more than seven years of debate.

According to a report by WPDE, the proposal passed through a 28-15 vote in the Republican-dominated senate. It will now be put to a vote in the House, where it has failed multiple times in recent years.

If passed, the bill will allow qualifying patients to obtain marijuana in the form of edibles, oils, patches, topicals, and more. However, the use of cannabis in the combustible form, such as flower and vaporizers, will remain illegal.

Opponents to the bill believe it will prompt the state to fast-track recreational marijuana legalization, a process that has become known as a “marijuana industrial complex.”

The bill  will now be moved on to the House, where it must be approved before the General Assembly session ends in May.

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